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A mobile phone is now much more than just an item to call. Many cell phones are a real investment because they often cost a decent amount of money. The worse it is, then when such an expensive device is lost. Be it by loss or theft. Modern mobile phones and smartphones have become a popular stolen property due to their high purchase price and compact size, as shown by the steadily rising numbers of theft statistics. This development has been recognized by some mobile phone manufacturers and offers limited software for in-house software to locate the phone. However, the proprietary mobile phone search is not possible with every model.

The loss of a mobile phone not only means monetary damage, because at the same time all important contacts, personal messages and private photos and videos are gone. In such cases, it is very fast to respond – a rapid mobile phone location can be crucial here. With the following six steps, you should not wait for the phone theft to give the thief the opportunity to call eg expensive service numbers and thus to increase the damage.


Locate mobile / cell number

It quickly happened that you misplaced your own cell phone or did not find it again. Therefore, it is advisable to perform as the first thing a mobile phone location of your own phone. The location of the mobile phone determines the exact position. Based on this position you can find out if the cell phone is nearby. One should try on the basis of the obtained data to find the mobile phone itself. Only if this is fruitless, the phone may be stolen or lost, should further steps be taken.

Lock SIM card

If the mobile phone can not be mobilized via mobile phone location, the SIM card should be locked in order to avoid unnecessary costs. All you need to do is call the network provider, your mobile number and a password, which you received when you signed the contract. Service numbers of all mobile service providers:

Report to the police

The detection rate of stolen cell phones is not very high, although the police would be able to perform a GPS tracking. However, due to the current legal situation, the police are forbidden to make a cell phone location for a "simple" theft. Nevertheless, it is necessary to report to the police if you wish to claim insurance.


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