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Certified Ethical Hackers, Professional Hacker

Certified Ethical Hackers-

Hacking is an extremely wide term and is categorized broadly into black hat and white hat hacking. While the black hat hacking refers to the illegal hacking methods, the white hat is exactly opposite and is used to counter the black hat hacking. An ethical hacker, unlike others, breaks the security for non-malicious reasons. This is usually the case when the hacker works for the software company itself or to test the company’s security against black hat hackers. 

In order to become an ethical & certified professional hacker, one must get the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) qualification. The code for examination is 312-50 and is obtained in assessment of security of computer systems. All the courses and certifications are provided by the EC council, which offers other certifications as well.

An ethical hacker deploys penetration testing techniques in order to find and fix the vulnerabilities in computer system security. As the ethical hacker breaks the security in order to help the company and with its consent, this is not regarded as a crime. 

As is correctly said, ‘To beat a hacker, you must think like a hacker’. Truly enough, it is the zenith of the desired information security training program for any information security professional. In order to hire a hacker, the companies spend a lot of money so as to ensure best security. 

The ethical hacking certification involves rigorous hand on training on various tools and techniques. A systematic process exposes an ethical hacker to tackle a variety of resilient threats and attacks. As a threat can come from anywhere anytime, the ethical hacker must have the ability to immerse his mind into the hacker’s mindset and evaluate the physical security along with the logical. After all, the susceptibility to threats and attacks is very high.

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