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Facebook Hacking

Facebook Hacking

Facebook has gained exceptional popularity in the last few years. It has undoubtedly dominated all the social media networking sites and has millions of registered users. On Facebook, people create profiles and share pictures, videos and messages to their friends. These activities can contain personal information of a person. A malicious hacker may try to break in user’s account to have a look into his personal information. The hacker may also intercept his account and use it in a wrong way to distort the user’s social image.
If we consider normal people, the possibility of harm caused to them due to their hacked Facebook account seems trivial. But if the account of some important person was to be hacked, the results might be devastating. A statistic has claimed that roughly 600,000 accounts are hacked on a daily basis. Even if this figure isn’t exact, the notion of so many accounts getting easily hacked is quite frightful.

Expert hackers write pieces of codes which run in backgrounds to steal and send your password directly to them. Or the hackers may simply use Key loggers and phishing attacks to hack the password. There are a number of ways through which a person can save his account from being hacked. As a first line of defense, the user must hide the email id and Facebook id from being visible to everyone. Also, the user must change his password at least bi annually. 

But in case the safety of a certain user is really important, then he can try hacker for hire. As only a hacker can find and fix the vulnerabilities, a professional hacker may help the user save his account. In the digital era where safety is of paramount concern, a person may save his account by being a little vigilant. 


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