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Is there a Facebook hacker?

This is a common question that is asked many people � Facebook hacker and Facebook hacking. Well, I have decided not to open my mouth without research. Here is what I found from my 2-day- 3night research. 1. The first rule of thumb about hacking and professional hacker is �not guilty until proven�. I assume by default that there is no professional hacker or book available on hacking or a site to hire a hacker. I noticed CNN Money and Business Insider mentioned a few sites that offer hacking service or professional hacker service be it Facebook hacking or email hacking at a low price � as low as USD 200 or even less at some hacking sites. According to Quora and Mashable tech-cyclopedia, there are hackers for hire sites (and FBI and other LEA just ignore them!) that allow customers to choose a hacker from a list of bidders for their advertised hacking job. 2. Then I tried one out of my curiosity � found a hacker from the site http://hackerslist.co/index.php There are literally a dozen sites you will find if you simply Google �Facebook hacker� or �hack Facebook�. The problem is that you never know which is real and which one is vapor. I assigned a test Facebook account that I created, to a hacker via the site. Surprise! I was notified in a few hours that the target Facebook account was hacked and accessed. I paid and here it was � the biggest eye-opener surprise of my life. The Facebook account was hacked; the hacker sent me over email the password. It was a punt I thought. 3. Then I discussed with a serious Facebook security specialist (also a friend from old time when we worked in VMware). He identified 23 common vulnerabilities of Facebook that hackers prey upon. It is not the problem of Facebook, well not directly, but the indifference and lack of knowledge in security setting by Facebook user is the most common ground I can assume for security breaches. 4. Reuters report that 1.6 million Facebook user account were compromised by Facebook hackers. The hackers were from either North Korea or Russia, depending on sources but take your pick (they both want to hack and destroy USA).There were serious and authentic news (from FBI and Facebook itself!) that Facebook profile of users who prefer to login to the account of bank of America were hacked by unknown Facebook hackers. And there are more news on someone somewhere was hacked � just like a man was mugged in a Bronx street at night. The reality of syndicated hacking was true from the days of �Kevin Mitnik�, who was later arrested by FBI, but the reality of retail hacking ($200 hackers for hire, like a check-out- chick brothel in East Europe) was in a grey zone for me. 5. I often hear breaking news on Tech-news of NBC, CNN, UK Mail that hacking take place but never took for granted until I offered my own Facebook to be hacked. It was hacked and I spent remorsefully 30 days in my own mental prison to rue that fact that I underestimated the hackers for hire. Apart from syndicated North Korean Kim Jong regime that are continuously pecking away hacking our Facebook and Pentagon classified materials (they perhaps can tell who will be the next president of USA, albeit CIA already has decided!), the truth is that there are real and affordable Facebook hackers or email hackers out there looming in the shadow (but often running their operation next to the FBI head quarter). If you are not serious or vigilant about your digital security, you could be pinched. If you are ignorant, you will lose money, files, emails and sometimes your girlfriend (who might peek-a- boo at your Whatsapp chat with your cozy colleague). Remember, ignorance is not a virtue.



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