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Although GPS is not a new invention, it has been performing its service steadily and diligently for decades. Not only users of navigation devices come into contact with this technology, since since 2001, every mobile phone in the US must have a GPS receiver. A similar obligation exists since 2007 also in Japan.

The principle of GPS tracking is very simple. Imagine an armada of satellites circling around the earth at high speed, constantly sending signals to Earth. These signals, received by several satellites at the same time, localized by the distance determination to the individual satellites with triangulation then a GPS receiver, which is located eg in a mobile phone or smartphone. GPS tracking is commonplace in our lives. With the help of this technology, we will be guided precisely through the urban jungle, get facts about traffic jams in seconds and we even leave a footprint when taking photos. Because if you activate the function GEO-Tracking in your mobile phone settings, you not only save the time and the date when the photo was taken,

How does GPS locate?

Not much is needed to use the GPS service. Just make sure that the GPS receiver on the device is turned on. Right here is the vulnerability of GPS. If you are in a well-shielded building or even a tunnel, complications may arise in determining your location. Nevertheless, it is a good way to locate a cell phone.

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