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Your phone can be hacked? Think again

Unlike you, I never used a smartphone to blackmail my life on the edge of a 8inch-by- 5inch device which is fallible. I was happy until my spouse found a perfect sale offer 2-phone- in-one contract. Alas, if I knew what followed! Within months my use of Facebook and Whatsapp sky rocketed and disrupted my sleep. My sleep finally disrupted fully when I found my Phone was automatically operating Whatsapp. What? Yes, hackers are able to hack Whatsapp remotely and hack data, image and control. Whatsapp hackers usually choose night time (in your local time) when the phone might be inactive and you are asleep. Several online reports and a Vimeo security consultant explained me how a professional hacker can hack in your phone by injecting a malware and sucking the air of my phone. Then they steal the identity and can remotely access my Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Viber and GSM functions. Some even argue that hacking Facebook via smartphone is easier than hacking Facebook from Facebook service. It is not a myth � the problem is exposed by John McAfee (the anti-virus owner and the alleged rapist on the run!). He in a video, proved step by step how the messages can be trapped on the fly and changed while being exchanged. Say, you sent an image of a romantic kissing with your partner to your partner but your partner received your kissing an unknown nude model image. What would happen? What is the benefit of it? Apparently none � but Whatsapp hacking is very possible and is happening more than what we know or care. A group of hackers claim to have hacked a Brazilian model�s GPS via phone. Not only the sick model�s movements were sold to tabloids but hackers eventually offered her cease fire at the exchange of sex. Fabulous! I am an average guy and I can�t be offered that � I might be taken for money or giving them a hair wash. Eventually, the incident was handled by Rio Police but the Whatsapp hackers left beans all over her face. Quora, Techchat, PC World and more online tech-blogs say that there are professional hackers who would hack Whatsapp or Facebook or phone at a relatively cheap price . There are reports in CNBC that hackers are for hire on several sites to hack phone, email, Whatsapp and many more. There are some scammers but if you carefully deal and read review before paying, you are likely to get your target person hacked. In another incident in LA (USA), a wealthy family was charged huge ransom by hackers who hacked the couple�s Whatsapp and threatened to expose a secret. I am not interested if the couple killed the old guy to be wealthy or go to a swinger club but I am fearful that my Facebook and Whatsapp can be hacked any time by hackers (who are by now maybe monitoring my phone). They will start the day at my phone when I end the day at bed.

mobile hacking is always possible 

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