Email hacking and how email accounts are hacked

Email being the most commonly used method for communication is highly prone to be hacked. It contains all your personal, sensitive and confidential information in its storage. Once hacked, the hacker can access all these information and operate your account without being noticed. He can send or receive the emails, read incoming and outgoing emails and track all your activities using your id and password. Email hacking process involves accessing other person’s email account and manipulating it as desired. People do not even realize about their email account being hacked because hackers nowadays do not need to login to the account for accessing information. According to a new study email hacking is now a bit easier and much faster than you can expect, hardly 15 minutes and you loose your account. At present email hacking tutorials or email hacking tools/softwares have flooded the internet. Many email hacking websites provide complete information about the email hacking process. Some of the common email hacking techniques used by the hackers are as follows:

Email Hacking

  • VIRUSES: Hackers send viruses via emails to victim. Once they get executed, they automatically send victim’s password to the hacker. Now the hacker has complete control over your account.
  •  PHISHING: In these email hacking technique emails appear to be arrived from a legitimate user with a purpose to verify your account details, like passwords, account number, date of birth, etc. The victim unknowingly enters all the information and consequently he suffers from financial loss or an identity theft like cyber crimes. Phishing targets through email spoofing and emails are sent from known domain to fool the victim.
  • KEYLOGGER: It is an email hacking software available over the internet which is to be installed on the victims PC or phone to capture the keystrokes entered by him and record the password. These password is accessible to the hacker through his online account available with keylogger.
  • EMAIL HACKING TUTORIALS: Over 20,2000 videos are available on the internet teaching users about social media hacking, smartphones hacking and email hacking. These videos provide a complete guide to hack an email account. But sometimes these email hacking tutorials are also fake. They just trick the victim to enter their login details ensuring to guide in email hacking process.
  • DIRECT ACCESS: If you have a direct access to someone’s PC or phone you can easily get the password or install the email hacking software in it to keep track of all his information.
  • Email hacking is gaining velocity by some weak links of humans. For an example, software engineers are making mistakes while designing softwares and applications which in turn result in security vulnerabilities. Users also keep passwords that are easy to guess. Victims end up with losing all their bank account details, credit card information, personal documents and identity theft. Business man may suffer a huge loss if his contract details are leaked through email hacking software. Hackers can use the bank account details to take loan on victim’s name or use his credit card for illegal purchases, and much more of cyber crimes can take place if email hacking is promoted unnoticed.