Text messages are considered to be the most common, safe and best way of communication between two TWO people. These are anonymous to other forms of communication. But with changing generations and updating advancements, ways and forms of texting are also changing. Technology has improved to a greater extent. But when this technology is misused, then spying activities like text hacking come into picture. Their may be cases where people try to cheat others, for instance, in partnerships, relationships or business, then it becomes important to monitor their text messages or phone’s activity to keep a track of what they are upto. Texting hacking technique proves to be very useful in similar cases where parents need to assure their children’s safety from cybercrimes. They use these text hacking techniques to recover even those messages which they delete due to fear. These techniques also help to monitor employees when they use company’s cell phones, to know their whereabouts and check whether the employees are working against organization norms. Some cases may be like a spouse cheating on the partner. In this case text hacking confirms the truth and monitors the activities of target phone.

Iphone text Hacking

As the technology is getting updated day by day, test hacking techniques are also getting advanced. You can access text messages of the victim by either installing a text hacking software on his phone physically or remotely by sending software links which unsuspiciously opens up and the software automatically gets installed on the device. Mobile based apps are available online with which text hacking is easier. Such applications are downloaded on the target phones and read entire messages from it and convey to the hacker in real time. This is possible if the target victim knows you so that you can access his phone and install the text hacking software in it. Text hacking can also be achieved without accessing the target phone physically. This can be done remotely and you just need to know the target’s phone number and rest everything is done by the software itself. The text messages can be downloaded via internet, through text hacking websites. In this process, when the phone number is verified all the inbox messages, drafts and sent items are accessible to the hacker. You can also use your PC for text hacking by using hidden message tracker to get a remote control on activities of the targeted phone. In some cases text hacking is achieved through phone cloning. By making copies of your sim card hacker can intercept your incoming messages and also can himself send messages as if sent by you. One of the text hacking techniques include upload of illegal firmware on your phone by the hacker which turns your phone into radio and broadcasts all your text messages on a given channel. Many of these techniques are still not known, a little bit of carelessness and your message box is leaked. You can be a victim of text hacking even while using free wifi networks at shops, parks, or other public places which may contain a hacking software installed, and access all your information. At some situations it is necessary to hack messages when someone’s safety is taken into consideration, while at others it is a crime. Text Hacking from Iphone and Android