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iPhone could they physically control it by Hacker ?

iPhone could they physically control it by Hacker ?

When speaking to Apple Support they located EVERYTHING about my iTunes account, neighbours accounts etc.They can remotely do anything to your phone, even move their little mouse pointer to hover on your Iphone6 screen and, if compromised ( never “hacked” lol ) they will run you through two step verification which is as secure as Apple promise. Apple have great ethics when it comes to government interference and are prominent anti-Trump and anti Chinese on their Apple news site. Staff at Apple will never admit to any probs caused by “selling of data” by outsourcing. Fair enough. If they promise to ring you back in 24 hours they will. Their address at “infinite loop” is their religion. Staff are fiercely loyal, and multilingual/ multifunctional but so Steve Jobs. If Apple say the world is square then deal with it. Infinite loop…peace x

Not so you could see them routing through your phone, no.

But they could gain access to your files, numbers, messages and more..I would always make sure your phone is safe and secure. Avoid free public WiFi and DO NOT share your credentials with anyone.The good thing about IOS is it’s security, so as long as you are careful you shouldn’t need to worry.

Anyone can physically control it if you let them. Hacker or not, anyone who has the phone in their hands could ‘control’ it, just like you could. You can probably control your phone, right? Is your phone a rampant uncontrollable teenager? Well, chances are, its not. People don’t have to hack into a phone to physically control it. They don’t even have to be hackers Contact Us

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