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iphone hacking

iPhone hacking

Apple iPhones more prone to hacks

As smartphone hacking via third-party bugs increases, a new study in Britain has discovered that iPhone owners are 167 times more at risk of being hacked than other mobile brands. Tech experts at UK-based phone case company Case24.com gathered the data by analyzing monthly Google search volumes to see how many British people are looking to find information on how to hack apps or smartphone brands. The total search volume for iPhones was 10,040 in Britain — significantly higher than Samsung that came in second place with 700 searches. “LG, Nokia, and Sony were the phones that hackers were least interested in, generating under 100 searches a month for each individual brand,” reports goodtoknow.co.uk. Sony was at the bottom with just 50 searches.

British people interested in hacking

In another finding, the tech experts came to know that 12,310 British people are interested in finding out how to hack someone’s Instagram account. Snapchat was second and WhatsApp third.

nstagram interests hackers!

Apps that posed a lower risk of being hacked were Facebook (1,120), Amazon (1,070) and Netflix (750). “Instagram account is 16 times more likely to be hacked than your Netflix account,” the study said. The study, however, did not highlight specific risk factors and vulnerabilities.

The ‘bug’ which got fixed

Apple in August fixed an “unpatched” bug in the latest iOS update that had left its most up-to-date iPhones vulnerable to hacking risk. The update introduced a fix for vulnerability in which, according to Apple, “a malicious application may be able to execute arbitrary code with system privileges”.   Contact Us

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