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Is your phone is being hacked?

Is your phone is being hacked

As our daily lives are increasingly spent on our smartphones, there will of course be times where we recognize some faults with our beloved devices. However, it can be difficult to identify when these faults are a sign of being hacked as opposed to a software glitch or general wear and tear from use. Is your phone is being hacked? Personal information such as banking details and social communication are now within immediate reach on our devices, so it’s important to keep them secure. Yet people tend to be less wary on their handhelds surrounding malicious applications or software updates, prompting hackers to target handheld devices.

Here, we reveal some warning signs that your smartphone is being hacked.

If you start to notice background noises, whether, during phone calls or whilst listening to audio, it could be a sign that your phone may have been hacked. It could be that someone may be intruding in your conversations, or has been able to get into your phone as a result of a software or hardware glitch that may have occurred. It is worth regularly checking your phone to keep up to date with any malfunctions, while also making sure that regular updates are made as these could fix any glitches. Contact Us

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