Can an android phone be hacked remotely?

Can an android phone be hacked remotely?

Sadly, all mobile phones can be hacked. I keep the minimum number of apps on my phone, that way it is more likely to be secure. I have also have locked down permissions required by some apps, because they do not need all the permissions you grant them. You can download Apps to Manage your Permissions, but all these do is create fake permissions, and I do not trust many Apps on my mobile.

Don’t think just because you have an Apple iPhone that you are safe, no mobile platform is 100% safe, if you know exactly what you are doing. yes  android phone be hacked remotely

Awhile ago I watched a documentary on two white hat hackers, hacking about 12 students mobiles. However, their attack method was old and outdated compared to what we can do today. They used two laptops, and Maltego CE Transformers to create a MiTM (Man-in-The-Middle) attack, okay they proved their point by entering some of the students mobiles, accessing their Facebook accounts, reading their emails, this was a test just to show what they could do.

Can an android phone be hacked remotely

I looked into performing the same task but on a much more smaller scale, and not requiring the internet, because they created a free WiFi using a simple MiTM attack on ALL of their mobiles. The main part of their attack was the WiFi Pineapple which costs $100 – I looked at it and thought all I would need is a High Gain Long Range Network Adaptor, but only used in Monitor Mode.
This means that my device would only read packet data, and not send anything out. Therefore, it cannot be traced!

All I used was a Raspberry Pi v3 & Kali Linux, you can install and remove tools you do not require quite easily. All packet data would be collected and stored on a 64Gb microSD card, which also carried Kali Linux (but using the bare minimum of tools).

Rebuilding files from packet data is quite easy, but I tend to do it on another desktop using a VMBox with Kali-Linux.

How this box could be used
At the moment, it was just in Monitor Mode, therefore can only collect data from mobile phones, data like usernames and passwords stored as PlainText is usually found in many applications, because many Apps do not use SSL.

Let’s say I changed the Antenna Mode to standard, it then becomes an AP (Access Point), if your thinking that will not work with one Antenna well the clever things about Linux is we can reconfigure it in seconds, and plug in another Antenna. It then becomes a MiTM device, being long range and high gain Dual band, it will normally beat any standard router off the shelf. Can an android phone be hacked remotely

Hope that helps you and have a nice day! ☺