hire hacker to change grades

hire hacker to change grades

Hiring a Black Hat Hacker to Change Your Grades

Can a Black Hat Hacking Service Really Change Your Grades?

Being a student is stressful and most students understand the pain of a poor grade. Having poor final grades can be devastating to a graduation and career trajectory. However, black hat hacking services do exist and are available for students looking to change their grades. There are real black hat hackers who can modify all of the grades throughout the course, including the final grade, no matter the University or school.

In short, yes, it is possible to hire a hacker to change your grades.

Who says grades are final? Despite how hard Universities and colleges attempt to safeguard their grading systems…the truth is: the grades are actually more accessible to hackers now than ever! The age of the traditional pad and pencil grading book is over, and the age of recording grades on the web is here. Still, the job requires infiltrating a secure server to attain access to grade books and the supporting grades for the semester, and the ability to change those data entries in the database. For this reason, a black hat hacker is required. Black hat hacking services can change your final grades and even change records to grant degrees!

How Much Does It Cost For a Hacker to Change Your Grades?

All Universities and colleges are different and thus operate very differently. Therefore each system usually requires a custom quote. The average black hat hackers charge to change grades is about $550 for 3 classes worth of grades. Usually hackers will not even bother to entertain the price to change only one grade, as this seems to be one of the most commonly requested hacking services online, and because of the diversity of grading systems and record keeping from school to school, it requires a larger variety of hacking techniques and skills.

Final Notes for Hacking Your Final Grades

Always use bitcoin to pay to cover your tracks. Never pay the full amount up front. Reputable black hat hackers do not require you to pay the entire amount of the deal up front. Most will be willing to accept and begin the job with half the money. The standard deal allows you to pay the remaining half after you have seen the grades change for yourself.

Disclaimer: Mr Hyde nor Drugs and Bad Ideas can be responsible for anything you or anyone else on the planet decides to do. This article is written informational purposes only!

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