How exactly do you hack a website/database?

How exactly do you hack a website/database?

before your break the rule , master them first. Well my friend its not question of hacking or having the admin password or doing a brute force or using any kind of software that can return against you. all this is wrong and wrong. A professional hacker have different approach on any job they perform and of course the job should should deserve their skills as they know what they are going to do is not ethical and they are breaking the law. but to give you a simple steps and an idea,How exactly do you hack a website/database?

:1- reconnaissance including several steps2- social Engineering 3 – digging and understanding their infrastructure sometime they dig in the rubbish tank of the company for info.4- collecting as much as information about the organization as much as possible.then they will start they showbut if he forget to protect himself he is the most stupid person that the earth saw,How exactly do you hack a website/database?

DOS or DDOS attack is of one of the most powerful attacks by hackers to where they stop the functioning of any system by sending the server’s request queue with number of fake requests. In DDOS attack lots of attacking systems are used. Lots of computers at the same time launch DOS attacks on the same target server. As the DOS attack is distributed on multiple computers, it is called as distributed denial of service attack. In order to launch DDOS attacks, the hackers use a zombie network. A zombie network is a group on malicious computers on which the hackers quietly installed DOS attacking tools. Whenever the attackers want to launch an attack, they can use all of the computers of the zombie network to carry out an attack. If there so many members in the zombie network, the attack will be more powerful and just by blocking few IP addresses one cannot survive. you should contact the hacker that helped with my website hack, contact whitehacker by going to your app store and downloading ‘’wickr me’’, add up the username ‘’whitehacker’’ and send a description of what you need done.

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