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Mobile Hacking

Mobile hacking or phone hacking involves intercepting voicemail messages or telephone calls without the consent of the mobile phone owner. Even if any mobile can be targeted, it is the rich, powerful or the famous people that are usually on the target. As businesses today are actively adopting the ‘app economy’, they have achieved better customer engagement and have driven new revenues. This has given the ‘black hats’ a new opportunity and window for hacking.

Hacking mobile applications

Hacking mobile applications has become relatively easy due to several reasons. First of all, it is relatively easy and very fast. There are many tools available that take only several minutes to hack down a mobile device. Many a times, one does not even need to find a hacker for hire for the purpose. As mobile apps are found on fragmented and distributed devices rather than centralized, malicious hackers have better chances for exploiting the applications. There are many applications and software’s available for hacking the smartphones powered by the android operating system. Through these, one can gain full access to all the files of the victim’s call phone number. The minimum requirement for hacking is just an active internet connection and full anonymity is maintained at all the times. This means that the victim won’t have even the faintest idea that his/her mobile is being hacked. Mobile hacking is only considered legal when it is done by a government agency and carried out as a lawful interception. People who are susceptible to such threats often hire a hacker who helps them safeguard their mobile’s personal information. As such a person is a professional hacker himself, he can easily find and fix the issues which can be exploited by the black hats. With the evolution of the mobile phone technology, tomorrow’s market will be dominated by the phones with maximum security against hacking  

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