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My boyfriend is cheating on me. can i hire a hacker ?

My boyfriend is cheating on me. can i hire a hacker ?

My boyfriend is cheating on me. can i hire a hacker ? Yes, hiring someone to hack your boyfriend’s phone or social media or whatever is illegal. If doing X is illegal, then hiring someone else to do X is also illegal.

But don’t worry about it. You can’t actually hire someone to hack your boyfriend.

The “hire a hacker” services you see spamvertised all over Quora are scams. Specifically, they are a kind of scam called “advance fee fraud.”

Here’s how it works:

You are desperate. You think you absolutely have to know what your boyfriend is doing. Your desperation makes you gullible.

You see someone saying “here’s a hacker who can give you all the answers you want!”

In your desperation, you think “Yes! Yes! Finally the answers I need!” You email the gmail address. The hacker uses hackery-sounding words like “firewall”. Woohoo! There it is! Finally you will have what you want! You’ll nail your cheating boyfriend!

You agree on a price. The “hacker” asks you to send a deposit. You send it.

And then the “hacker” does…nothing. That’s it. That’s the whole scam. It’s called advance fee fraud because you pay a deposit in advance and the scammer simply takes the money and that’s it.

You get angry. You demand the money back. The scammer laughs at you. The scammer says “I have emails from you soliciting to a crime. Now shut up and stop bugging me or I’ll send copies to your boyfriend, or maybe to police where you live, or both. No, hey, I got a better idea! Send me another hundred bucks or I’ll send this to your boyfriend anyway.” Boom! Gotcha.

Oh, and the scammer isn’t a hacker. The spammer learned enough hacker words from bad late night TV shows and Hollywood movies to trick the gullible, but the scammer knows as much about hacking as I know about being the Queen of England.

Seriously, there are no hackers you can just waltz up to and hire to sort out your relationship mess.