How Does A Professional Database Hacker Use SQLMap To Hack A Database?

How Does A Professional Database Hacker Use SQLMap To Hack A Database?

Server and data security is the need of the hour given that we are currently sitting on
top of data gold mine. The amount of information shared and stored online is
unfathomable. It is not difficult for any professional database hacker to lay their
hands on the same. This data falls into the hands of the audience despite security
constraints and arrangements. They use them to their advantage.
Database hacking is one of the most crucial aspects. It needs to be taken care of by
the leading organisations who deal with data on a day to day basis. No matter how
important data is, securing customer information is paramount. The reason is that
they trust you with the same.
If you have professional database hackers, then it shall be easy for you to analyse
the use of case scenarios. It is where you can think and behave like a hacker to
secure all the points. This will make the hacking database a possibility.
But, how does one think like a professional database hacker? How does it work
exactly when all servers are so secure in the first place?
Well, it is the tip of the iceberg if you think that database hacking is a cakewalk.
There are a plethora of tools and tips to penetrate deep into the field. They gain that
much-needed access which makes hacking database simple.
A professional database hacker knows almost everything. Also, they gain experience
doing the same. They start developing their ways and methods which make it even
better and niche-like. Learning the hacks to sort database security issues is the key.
It could be by any of the following:
1. Prodding into the security tools
2. Exploring malicious malware
3. Breaking into SQL systems
4. Using methods that are not supported by your firewalls
You need to explore all aspects of the hacking arena. It is your prerogative to stay
updated a professional database hacker with the latest hacking mechanisms. You do
not have to give way to explore the perils of perfidy which is common among new
age hackers.

How does one violate secure systems and develop deeper into the potential database?

There is not one, but many methods that database hackers use to gain access into
crucial silos. Exploring all of them is a challenge. However, the most common ones
comprise the vulnerable databases. There are servers that internet connection and
are almost naked.
This means that you can access it from anywhere and any part of the world without
much ado. The customized port reports give you the list of options that sit right there

in all their glory just to be exploited. And, who exploits them? The answer is hacking
database techniques!
Although there is no crucial justification or explanation as to why and how would
anyone do that? Vulnerable database systems in such cases are not uncommon.
The direct access allows direct attacks. This can lead to service denial, deadlocks,
buffer overflows, and latency issues. Not to mention compromising the data that is a
glaring problem.
Using SQLMAP could be a true blue solution. SqlMap is probably one of the most
efficient database hacking tools available in the industry. The tool can be sued for all
other databases other than MySQL which is slightly challenging. Given that it is built
to support the ubiquitous websites, the capabilities are channelled towards more
native sites.

Database Hacker

1. You need to start SQLMAP
You can fire up the Backtrack option and go to the Backtrack. This involves further
navigations, which include accessing information gathering. Navigate further to a
Database analysis. You get that final window which allows you to access MySQL
analysis. This is the process which opens up the whole new zone of SQLMAP for
2. Finding naked sites
As mentioned earlier, a database hacker needs to access a port sheet of all
vulnerable database sites. When you have a vulnerable website in mind, you can get
inside it and explore it like no other. You, while hacking database, need to look for
sites that end with random PHP ids. It is as simple as entering the following into the
Google search bar. Some of it might look like:
 inurl:index.php?id=
 inurl:gallery.php?id=
These queries or commands throw in a lot of websites, which fulfil the vulnerability
criteria. A professional database hacker can extract the list in a matter of seconds.
But this can pose legal issues which you want to steer clear of. Therefore, most
database hacking companies dealing with ethical hacking scenarios make use of to identify the vulnerable and susceptible websites such that it is
not an offending law activity.
3. Opening and running that SQLMAP
SqlMap runs on the frameworks that support Python. Python is versatile, and
something like SqlMap needs to live up to the expectations too. You not only get the
options that are inbuilt when Python is concerned, but you can even add to the user
libraries which make it one of a kind.
4. Identifying the Database Management System configured for the site

Well, as a database hacker, you will be obliged to know what DBMS is configured for
your target website. Even before you start, you need proper research in a place that
identifies the key grounds for exploitation. It could be services, ports, applications,
hostnames, and specifications to the operating system. In case you didn’t do your
homework, here is a simple trick to find that out.
As you open up the SqlMap on your system, you can enter the following:
 / –u”URL of the entire page.”
This instruction instantly returns results regarding the DBMS mapping that is used on
a particular website. Now that you have the database type in place, you need to find
out what it contains. Does it hold information that is beneficial? Does it hold
information that is sensitive? This can be found out by the following:
 / –u “
You get access to vulnerable schema and tables, which contain information with a
larger volume. You need to explore the entire information schema to find out what
suits you better. Figuring out the minute details from the schema can include getting
hold of the table names and column names.
You would find out what information is stored in these databases. This is possible
when database hacking is in progress. Append your information to have a string of
details which make more sense regarding data.
Wrapping it up!
As you go and move further into the table, you can go ahead and enumerate them in
such a way that it forms a cohesive instruction. If you land your hands on data of
credit card information, you are in the Golden Fleece.
Like SqlMap, there are several other tools, which make database hacking
convenient. You can explore the hacking aspect by designing solutions. These get
tougher to penetrate when security is a major concern.

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