WhatsApp Hack: How to hack WhatsApp

WhatsApp Hacking: How to hack WhatsApp

whatsapp hacking is one of the world’s fastest social media platforms, which extended its branches across the globe. Replacing all primitive ways of communicating like calls and SMS, this platform showed the people a way to perform all this at the most minimal costs possible. It helps the users to send thousands of messages to one another at simultaneously. It supports group chats and group audio calling along with easy transferring of multimedia files which were not at all possible in the earlier days. However, on the one hand, where this application is filled with positive features, it even contains a lot of limitations which can make you and your loved ones fall under risks.

Whatsapp Hacking 

As much as the technology is increasing, the larger security problems it is facing. Everything which you share with people on WhatsApp stays under risk of getting leaked. A third person can easily see your personal information, photos, and other essential documents. In fact, it is the greatest platform which supports an enormous number of social media crimes as your contact number, and other details easily get in the hands of bullies. Kids usually fall into the traps of those who try to show similar hobbies and interests top trap them. They become friends with your kids and later on start threatening them for the details they have shared with them. Thus to save you from all such issues TheTruthSpy have come up with latest solutions.

  • Reading out their WhatsApp texts– every text which is sent or received on the target phone comes under your surveillance. After you install the TruthSpy software on their phone, you can easily tackle up with all the text messages. You can easily read the whole conversation along with the time and date of the transmission.
  • Checking the WhatsApp statuses– the newly launched feature of WhatsApp, helps the individual users to post pictures, audios, and even videos, this status is shared with all their WhatsApp friends. So even if you are not added to their WhatsApp friends, you can easily see their statuses along with the date, time, the views and location if they post any.
  • Check their WhatsApp location sharing– one two people plan to meet at a particular place and find it difficult to reach up to the location, then one can send his/her location tag to another person so that they can find each other. You will get the benefit of exploring all these location tags sent by your target user to others. This will help you to know what people they are hanging around at what location.
  • Checking multimedia files- WhatsApp is the only platform after Facebook which serves you with uncountable features. Here you can send images, audio clips, videos, small gifs, pdf, ppt and word files easily to one another. To get the complete record of all these files, you should just get mspy With the time, date and location, you will receive the overall details on your control panel.
  • Details of their audio and video calls– apart from texting, WhatsApp also supports audio and video conversations in real time. Our software helps you to easily analyze and record all these conversations which are stored in your control panel. So whenever you get time, you can listen or can view the whole conversation along with the details of the other person included in the conversation.
  • Info of their WhatsApp contacts– in order to stay in touch with one another on WhatsApp, individuals need to have each other’s contact number saved on their devices. So if you want to check out their WhatsApp address book, then you can do this easily through our smart software. With this, you will get to figure out the contact number along with the names of all those people added with them. professional hacker
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