Whatsapp hacking

Whatsapp hacking 

Whatsapp hacking is not that much easy task that can be accomplished by any third party application.

First if you have access to the victim’s mobile you can copy his/her mac address. Root your android mobile and change your mac address same to the victim’s. It will allow you to access the whatsapp chats without notifying the victim.

If you do not have access to the mobile than you have one chance to get what you need from that account as it can only run on one device.

Now comes the difficult task which is OTP bypassing. One theoretically possible method is SS7 attack which allows to redirect the otp to your cell number. This method is actually a illegal action and we surely do not want to do that. Also we also do not know how the actual SS7 attack is performed as there no clear method is described. So, skipping the SS7 we only got one and only option is to make victim give you his phone so that you can have eyes on otp.

I know that the second method is not a solution to the question and we also know the solution but we can not do that.

So, hope you got the answer and an alternative as last option is hire professional whastapp hacker

WhatsApp Hack

Whatsapp is a social instant messenger with this, you can quickly send messages, photos, MP3 and many other types of files to your friends.

Each lock has a key, so we have found some vulnerabilities in WhatsApp security, allowing you to easily hack WhatsApp accounts. This instant social messenger uses your mobile number to verify your identity.

hackingspy is a WhatsApp hack tool to hack your friend’s WhatsApp messages, videos, and all images. You know this is the best instant message these days. We can also read all encrypted WhatsApp messages.

Billions of people use instant messages every day, don’t you know your kids are chatting late at night? Is your son in danger? So it’s time to use WhatsApp hacks.